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After more than 10 years working as local tour guide, international tour leader and travel coordinator throughout Southeast Asia, I have observed that most of the tourism developments and travel activities did not benefit the most vulnerable people in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world. The World Tourism Organization found that for every $100 spent by a tourist, only $5 remains inside Cambodia. The remaining $95 go to the foreign owners of the various tourist businesses including hotels, restaurants & bars and travel tour companies.


In 2012, approximately 3.5 million tourists visited Cambodia, a number that has more than tripled since 2004. Tourist receipts in 2012 were over $2 billion. Nonetheless, Cambodia still remains extremely poor, with 20% of the population below the poverty line. Education and healthcare are still extremely under-supplied and unable to meet with international standards.


This is why Travel To C will run an authentic travel company to benefit and support local communities. We want to change the way people travel, building a lasting experience for both our travelers and hosts. All our trips will use homestays so that our passengers gain an unparalleled access and insight into local cooking, activities, religious practices, spiritual places and customs. In each different place we visit, a local tour guide, in addition to the tour leader, will share his expertise with our travelers about the history of Cambodia to make sure our passengers have access to the best knowledge. Experience Cambodia with Cambodians.


The objective is to connect communities, cultures, education, and environment towards sustainable tourism. Our trips will consist of small groups in order to maximize the human experience and interaction so that we can not only educate but change and enhance the lives of everyone we touch. 


“Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world and make it a better place for our future generations to live on”.


Our Cores Values: "The 7 Cs"


  • Connect

  • Create

  • Convey

  • Change

  • Care

  • Conserve

  • Cultivate








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